Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tri Vegas

Jennifer and I took a trip this last weekend to Vegas for a drive-through wedding (I wish) - well, that didn't quite happen, but it was our first road trip together. We stayed with my sister in St. George one night and left for Vegas in the morning (after Jennifer and my sister finished doddling at the fabric store). The triathlon was in the afternoon and there was a lot of debate about who of the brothers was going to win. I had my money on Greg, but Mike pulled a fast one (literally) and beat everyone. Jennifer was our team photographer, Mike posed for his big win, and Greg and I were mad as hornets after losing. Other than that we had a great time. It was a great venue and it was so nice to feel the sun and remember what summer is like.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What Happens in Vegas...

Congratulations to Pic (Mike) for his strong race and win! Kind of makes me worried because he was able to beat me by six minutes after signing up at the last minute and without much training. But I echo Pic's (Greg's) remarks when he said, "I want a rematch!"
The "Showdown at Sundown" at the Las Vegas Lake was a great race. We enjoyed the ritzy atmosphere of Vegas, the warmer temperatures for this time of year, and a half-way point to meet up with Greg. I think we found ourselves an annual tradition. We all agreed though that it would be more complete if Doug was there...just saying.
I thought I had no business doing this race since I really hadn't trained properly. I expected to do a lot worse, but outside of some tough cramps in T2 coming off the bike and not being able to (Picante Sauce) "pick up the pace" during the run - it really did end up going a lot better than imagined.

Some highlights include:
  • Greg's goggles malfunctioning and having to swim the 1500 meters without them - I can't even imagine that!
  • The X-Terra-ish difficulty of the hills on the course . . . not messing around down there!
  • Greg passed me during T2 with his consistently fast bike time - so the only tap on the head this race was when I caught him again on the run.
  • Mike taking the lead out on the swim (posing for the pictures taken by our professional team photographer, Jennifer) and never looking back, never getting passed, and winning the day!
Really though, it just feels great to be racing again and trying to get back in shape. Also, to spend time with Greg & Kellie, visit the Heaps Foundation, and have the Parentals there to support us.

  1. Mike Snarr (2:40:56) - smok'n fools!
  2. Sam Snarr (2:46:59)
  3. Greg Snarr (2:51:35)
  4. Doug Snarr (DNS - Did not start) - You'll have to start racing if you want to get out of 4th place!
Rematch - May 15th???

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little Wedding Inspiration

Here is just a taste of some of the wedding inspiration I have come across. I'm loving these monochromatic schemes of blues, browns, and greens. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what is to come on our big day.

Pieces of our wedding are starting to come together, which is wonderful. My dress arrived this week! It is a fabulous little vintage inspired T Length beauty, it is too adorable to even describe. :) We were also able to find Sam an amazing three-peice suit at of all places...the D.I. We were lucky to come across such a find. Sam and I are getting excited! It will be so nice to get to the point where we no longer have to say goodbye to each other and go our separate ways. I love you more than you know Sam! Less than three months to go....

Monday, March 1, 2010

June 16, 2010 - Save-The-Date!

My cute friend Erin Thomas designed this Save-the-date for Sam and I. Isn't she amazing?

Here is the link to our wedding website. Here you will find registry information, our housing renovations, and of of course awesome photos. Check it out: www.jenniferandsamuel.com