Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stairway and closet

This is the first blog post from the iPad so we'll see how it goes...
After talking to Stacy I decided to show some pictures of our competed stairway project. I couldn't find any before pictures so try to remember how crappy it used to be.
While working around the down time on the cement project (maybe I'll show pictures of that another time) I decided to gut the entryway staircase as it was in poor repair. The plan was to replace the drywall, but that quickly turned into replacing and adding some electrical lines, updating our panel and adding two circuits, and adding about 76 sq ft of storage space to our closet! We also ended up with a bonus shelf in our wall for our shoes!
Props and shout outs:
Jennifer, for dealing with the mess, dust, and inconvenience for way longer than we planned.
Spence, for advising me on my electrical needs and connecting me with a low cost yet quality electrician (even if he struggled with communication skills).
Pic, for the help and superb cutting abilities on the paint in the "blue room!"
David Wheatley, for the great idea to take out the closet wall for access to that extra space...brilliant!
Thanks again everyone- we think it turned out great!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final Harvest

With the possible freeze coming this week I decided to go out and pick the remaining tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers. I was surprised how much we had left - not sure that we'll get to everything. We'll try to chop/freeze the peppers we don't get to - that should get us through the winter. But we'll have to be creative in how to use all those tomatoes. Not ready to process them myself just yet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Year Down...Many to Go!

One year ago at this time Sam and I were anxious, nervous, and twitterpated about getting married the next day. Our actual wedding day did not turn out as exactly planned, however, it will forever be the very best day of my life. This past year has been more lovely than I ever could have imaged because I have been able to spend it with the most amazing person who means the world to me.

My goal was to edit and finish these wedding photographs at least one year from when we tied-the-knot. I'm happy I was able to do so and see how much Sam and I mean to each other through these photographs. Thank you to our wonderful photographer Casey Hyer who did an amazing job and who visited the Temple with Sam and I three times in order to have these delightful memories preserved.

The Details:

The Boutonnieres:

The Couple:

Monday, June 6, 2011

From Dull and Drab, to Colorful and Welcoming!

Sam and I are obsessed with HGTV home makeover shows! Since we don't have cable (actually we are thinking of getting rid of our Television altogether) we take advantage of watching it every chance we get, on plane trips, hotel stays, and even sometimes other peoples houses. It's probably a good thing we don't have cable or else we would be watching it non-stop!
One of our favorite TV shows is Income Property, since we own a duplex it would be natural we would get sucked into it. Our new favorite has become Curb Appeal, which is full of ways to help you realize how unappealing your curb may be.

Sam and I feel living in Sugarhouse gives us so much room to play with color and get away with something that maybe other neighborhoods might frown upon. We decided our place has so much potential that we haven't yet taken advantage of. So this weekend I was excited to spruce it up a bit- release it from its dullness and drabness, if you will.

Here is the before:

The during:

And After:

Now we aren't finished. This is just what I was able to transform in a few short hours on a Saturday afternoon. I have a feeling Sam and I will have a few more projects like this in the near future.

Hope you Enjoyed!